August 11, 2020

7 ways a Student can make this Lockdown Productive

…by Sauvik Banerjee, student, KKC

This lockdown has provided us with enormous time to spend. This unprecedented scenario has made everyone sit at home with nothing to do. Students are going through an uncertain situation. This is the time to be productive and to induce new skills.

This free time can be utilized by doing so many things that will make us learn and enhance new skills and boast the chances of future employability. Follow me through the article to know some productive things that you can do during this lockdown without going outside.

1. Join a free online course

There are so many websites or apps that gives you access to their free courses online, some of which even provide a certification at the completion of the course. Below I have mentioned some links to the courses:

Google learn digital-


2. Learn a programming language

There are many programming languages that are easy to learn and make you a better match as an employee to some companies. Python, HTML&CSS and JAVA are some of the programming languages you can get your hands on even if you are a total beginner. There are many websites that offer free courses on programming languages. One of which is codeacademy.


3. Craft a perfect CV

An attractive looking CV (i.e. Curriculum Vitae) can boast your employability and give you an edge over other candidates. Spend some time in gaining valuable certifications or maybe some experience to make your CV more impressive. Test different templates and fonts that make your CV look good and more informative.

4. Learn how to build a website

If you think that making your own website will cost you something then you’re wrong. WordPress and Blogger are some of the websites that offer you a subdomain free of cost. You can write about any topic you feel you can share some light on. Or you can make a portfolio of your achievements and then use it to impress your interviewer.



5. Apply for a work from home internship/job

If you are applying for a job make sure you are ready to commit yourself to it because this is going to be your first step towards your career. Using your spare time for gaining some valuable experience will make your lockdown worth it. It will make you feel that you and your services are worth something. The corporate market is all about how much experience you have, so the earlier you get employed the better it is. You can make an account on LinkedIn or Internshala or search for a company you desire to work for and send your CV to them, or you can use Facebook for the same.



6. Learn a new language

Learning a new language will not only make you a mesmerizing person among your friends but also in the corporate world. The more languages you know, more are the chances for you to get employed and that too with a higher package. There are many apps and websites that offer free language learning courses.


7. Learn how to edit photos/videos

Learning how to edit photos and videos is going to be fun, engaging and you’ll acquire a new skill in no time. Nowadays, more and more jobs for photo and video editors are on demand. If you know how to edit photos and videos well, then you can even freelance your skill and earn money with it, which will eventually build a portfolio and who knows you might land on a high paying job. You can refer to YouTube or Skillshare to learn video or photo editing.


I have mentioned the suitable links below each topic feel free to go through them .I wish you made the most out of this article. Do not hesitate to reach out to us by leaving a comment or by liking this article.

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